“For me a richer life is all about helping to leave the world behind in a better state than in which we found it, ensuring that future generations are able to enjoy our planet for centuries more to come.” 

A climate champion and tech entrepreneur. 

Josie Stoker has always found ways to see things differently; prior to co-founding the carbon emission tracking app Capture, Josie co-founded the Nomadic School of Business, where she worked with indigenous communities to bring their knowledge to the corporate world. Travelling throughout South East Asia and Mongolia in the course of her job, Josie saw the impact of climate change first-hand. It was this experience which was the genesis of Capture, inspiring Josie to consider how she might personally catalyse sustainable change. She hit upon the idea of a Fitbit-style tracker app for one’s carbon footprint, that would make users more aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices.  

After meeting Capture’s co-founder, Abdul Aziz, at Antler, a global startup generator, Josie had the means to put her idea into practice, combining her vision with Aziz’s expertise in product development and mobile applications. Today, Capture helps users think critically about their carbon footprint, allowing them to track emissions from transportation, diet and more, thus turning ‘climate worriers’ into ‘climate warriors’. 

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