In the fourth Quintet X conversation, Candice Schoemans - the Deputy Country CEO of Puilaetco, a Quintet Private Bank, and Trewin Restorick - Founder and CEO of award-winning environmental campaigns agency Hubbub, sat down together (virtually) to talk about plastic pollution. Together, they explored what we can do as individuals and organisations to tackle this pressing environmental issue in order to create a richer planet for us all.

This conversation followed the end of Quintet’s Capture for Teams initiative; a company-wide initiative in collaboration with carbon-tracking app, Capture. Across three-months, Quintet team members monitored and reduced their individual carbon-footprint through a series of challenges. During the final challenge, the Quintet Team made a saving of 1,570 plastic bottles as a result of their efforts to cut single-use plastic from their lifestyle. In the light of this achievement, Candice spoke with Trewin to discover what we can do to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and raise awareness about the hidden plastic in our everyday lives.

Read more about Trewin's work at Hubbub here.

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