“A richer life means to me going outside with my handcycle, enjoying the wonderful nature, and discovering new paths.”

Photo: Guido Schärli

A multi-medal-winning Para athlete in handcycling.

Even as a child, Tobias was often out and about on his bike. In 2003, Tobias’ life was changed dramatically when a cycling accident left him paralysed from the neck down. During his rehabilitation, Tobias had his first contact with handbiking at the Swiss Centre for Wheelchair Sports. Since then, he has remained loyal to this sport.

His dream of participating in the Paralympics as a handcyclist began in 2004. Between 2006 and 2008, Tobias mainly competed in junior races in Switzerland and neighbouring countries and since 2009, he has been competing in the elite category MH2.

Tobias reached the first high point of his handcycling career so far at the Paralympic Games in London 2012, with a silver medal in the road race. Four years later, he took home a second Paralympic medal with bronze in the road race in Rio.

Alongside Tobias’ sporting career, he studied Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland. After an injury break in 2018, he also had the opportunity to gain work experience at the Swiss Paralympic Committee. 

Tobias truly believes that he has chosen the perfect sport. When everything becomes too much for him, he can go out and ride his bike through the wonderful nature and free his mind from the worries of his everyday life.

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